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Michael went off to JK about this time last year (excuse me, there’s something in my eye…) so I started making lunches for two. John’s pretty easy, so long as I follow this cardinal rule: different foods SHOULD NOT TOUCH. Michael? It’s a whole different story. In both cases, using a “bento box” approach has helped […]

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6 Shorttcuts for Speedy Weekday Meals

Back to school means back to the busy weekday routine – when activities start piling up, and there are more things to do than time to do them! To prevent myself from feeling overwhelmed, I use all my culinary school tricks – and Mom Multitasking Skills ™ – to make meal preparation as quick and […]

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Summer Essentials At DSG

Summer is all about the adventure and outdoor fun! While not everyone can afford to jet-set off to a luxury beach resort, it’s likely that you live near a lake or a park — making summer living a fun and low-cost adventure. Check out some of our favorite summer essentials! Blanket Tote: Whether at the beach or the park, […]

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5 Quick and Easy Ideas Using Our Sundried Tomato Pesto Cheese Torte

Did you know that our Sundried Tomato Pesto Cheese Tortes freeze beautifully? That way, you can whip up any of these delicious dishes anytime!  Sarah (our chef extraordinaire!) shared her 5 favourite recipe hacks for making good dishes GREAT thanks to our multitasking Sundried Tomato Pesto Cheese Torte. CRAZY EASY CHARCUTERIE BOARDAdd a thick wedge […]

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Canada 150: Our 5 Favorite Recipes

Get cooking to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday with these 5 exclusive recipes from Dana. Summer Pavlova with Fresh Fruit Tina’s Award Winning Marinated Brie Dana’s Burgers Baby Back Ribs Martha & Mike’s Grilled Pineapple Cinnamon Sugar Enjoy!

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10 Thoughtful Father’s Day Gift Ideas

How do we best celebrate the men in our lives? Men that: cried with us when we lost our precious little toy, dried our tears and surprised us with an even better toy, cheered us on from the sidelines of our first hockey tournament, and bound our wounds when we fell, took us out to […]

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